European Standards

Kyoto Japan produce a range of 67 Radial Truck & Bus tires (TBR) with European standards of Reach and Clean Oil with optimum levels of Wet Grip, Rolling Resistance and Sound Emission, carry the EU label.

  • PCR : Passenger Car Radial Tires
  • WTR : Winter Passenger Car Radial Tires
  • LTR : Light Truck and Van Radial Tires
  • SUV : 4x4 & Sports & Utility Vehicles Radial Tires
  • TBR : Truck and Bus Radial Tires
  • TBB : Truck and Bus Bias (Nylon) Tires
  • LTB : Light Truck & Van Bias (Nylon) Tires
  • OTR : Off-the-Road & Construction Tires
  • AGR : Radial & Bias Agricultural Tires
  • MIN : Giant Radial OTR & Mining Tires
  • IND : Industrial & Solid Tires
  • MCT : Motorcycle Tires


All-steel Radial Tires

All-Steel Radial Tires are used for heavy duty applications and comprise Truck and Bus Radial Tires (TBR) as well as Off-the Road and Giant Radial Tires (OTR).


Bias Tires

Bias tires are based on the old technologies of using only nylon cord as reinforcement while utilizing more rubber compound and they are primarily used in less developed countries in South America, Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Africa, China and certain other countries in S.E Asia. Bias tires are heavier in weight than corresponding radial tires which use steel wire reinforcement with lighter carcasses.


Semi-Steel Radial Tires

Semi-Steel Radial Tires comprise a wide range of small to medium tires, including Passenger Car Summer vTires. In such tires, the reinforcement is a combination of steel wire (on tire crown portion as steel belt) and nylon/polyester fabric (in the carcass). The current trend in tire design is towards Low Profile, Ultra High Performance, light-weight, Tubeless tires with attractive directional pattern design. The 55 & 50 series are widely used for saloon cars, while 40, 35, & 30

series are becoming increasingly popular.